Arizmendi Bakery

Arizmendi Bakery

Saturday's Pizza

housemade tomato sauce, spinach, manchego, garlic oil, parmesan

A Worker-Owned Cooperative

What They Are Saying

The Press:

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Best Pizza in SF - Bay Area Back Roads!

Auntie Mabel's Kookie Brittle is one of
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S.F. Bay Guardian's 2001 Reader's Poll "Best Bakery"'s 2001 Editorial Winner for "Best Pizza"

"Is it possible that the city's best pizza, bread and
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--'s "Our Pick" for bakeries

"If Chez Panisse had wanted to be a bakery,
she would have been just like Arizmendi."
-- UCSF Synapse (Four Stars)

Editorial Winner Best Pizza

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"I've lived in this neighborhood 40 years.
And I've never enjoyed it as much as now that you're here!"
-- Henry

Reader's Poll Best Bakery

"I've been eating Acme's breads for years--
I really think you guys have a better crust!"
-- Maggie

"I'm graduating from college this semester--
where am I going to get a decent pecan roll?"
-- Laura

"You guys need a tip jar..."
-- Will