Arizmendi Bakery

Arizmendi Bakery

Tuesday's Pizza

for Fat Tuesday: muffaletta tomato sauce, mixed greens, provolone cheese, garlic oil, p&p

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Arizmendi Pizza Bowl XIV - Go Niners!

In our annual Arizmendi Pizza Bowl (Sunday, February 2nd), two pizzas face off in our annual battle of the flavors. The undefeated champ "Triple Mushroom with a Sesame-Ginger-Garlic Vinaigrette" takes on the challenger, "Housemade Tomato Sauce with Basil Pesto"! To make it fair, both pizzas will feature our classic, thin, organic sourdough crust and whole-milk mozzarella. May the best pizza win!

Reserve your hot or lite-baked pizzas for the Super Bowl today! Or stop in on game day... the only day of the year we have two pizza flavors!